Pastor Search

The search is over!

February 18, 2024

The search process, as we call it, was really more a time of prayer, learning, and preparation for our entire church body. God led us through a series of events that could only be orchestrated by Him. In that time He showed us what we need to be doing as a church. He put all the right people in the right places to bring us the messages we needed to hear. Then, at just the right time, The Holy Spirit called Dr. Kevin Mims to pastor Desert Winds Community Church, and reveled to the pastor search team that this is the man God has chosen.

Kevin's qualifications and doctrinal beliefs were vetted by our governing board and the Kingdom Network regional and global boards before a vote of congregational affirmation on Sunday, February 18th during our State of the Church meeting, effectively ending the search for a new lead pastor.  His family's introduction is below. We now look forward to their arrival, and to see what God has planned for Desert Winds Community Church as we move forward together, advancing His Kingdom.

DWCC Intro.pdf

We have a candidate!

January 20, 2024

Our lead pastor candidate and his family will be here on Sunday, February 4th to meet us! He will bring the message and after service we will have a brief congregational meeting. This will be your opportunity to affirm the recommendation from the Search Team that was approved by the Governing Board and the Kingdom Network that the candidate become the Lead Pastor of Desert Winds. Please join us in this important next step on February 4th!  

God is moving!

November 4, 2023

Several pastor candidates have reached out to our search team in the last few days. We are reviewing all the materials provided and will get together in the next few days to discuss, and to pray for God's will regarding these men to be revealed to us. We will then start discussions with those He has sent us, and pray with them for His guidance.

The Holy Spirit is a powerful communicator. He hears us when we pray and he answers simultaneously to us all, leading us down the path God has planned for our church. Our Lord Jesus Christ always was, is, and always will be the head of our Church. We join Him in prayer to discern His will and find the man He has sent us to shepherd our church.

Thank you to all who have prayed for and with us though this search. We ask that you continue to pray as we move forward. God is moving! Let us move with Him.

New church profile!

September 27, 2023

We've published the completed DWCC Church Profile and the Lead Pastor Candidate Resource page as described in our last update. You'll see a link to the profile at the top of this page, and on the Lead Pastor Candidate Resource page which you can find in the navigation menu (above the picture on your computer, or click the "hamburger" if you're on a mobile device) . Over the next few days and weeks we'll be posting this information to the job boards at Kingdom Network and some seminaries that have been recommended.

Our team will be getting together soon to review our next steps, look over our list of questions for candidates, and prepare for interviews. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out! Catch one of us at Church, or send us an email. We'd be happy to hear from you.

As always, keep us in your prayers. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and the Holy Spirit's leading to God's will for our Church and the next lead pastor.

Casting our nets wider

September 5, 2023

To date, we have been reaching out to a list of trusted advisors for recommendations of who might be good fit as our next lead pastor. Receiving a recommendation doesn't mean that person is available, or is being led to us. It just means one of our advisors thinks the person shares our beliefs and exhibits the qualities/skills we need. When we get a recommendation we reach out to the potential candidate and provide them some basic information on our Lead Pastor Candidate Resources page. This information is intended to simply give them an idea of who we are and what we're looking for. Ultimately we want to start a conversation with them, and pray with them to discern God's will.

We have received a few recommendations and reached out to a couple of potential candidates, but have not found the right one yet. We will continue to expand our list of advisors and reach out to them periodically as long as the search continues.

We are also preparing a more comprehensive profile based on feedback we've received, and modeled after some best practices provided by Jeff Allen. We'll update our Lead Pastor Candidate Resources page when it's complete and post the opportunity on some job boards, starting with the Ministry Opportunities page on the Kingdom Network web site. We've researched several other job boards at various seminaries as well and will continue to do so, casting our nets ever wider.